Walsall Methodist Circuit

Nine Churches of the Walsall Methodist Circuit
Superintendent Minister.  Rev: Rachel Wood
Registered Charity  No: 1134411

About Us                                                             Walsall Methodist Circuit (28/4)

The Walsall Methodist Circuit covers the historic town of Walsall itself and the southern half of the Walsall Metropolitan Borough. 

Other parts of the Borough are covered in the main by the Brownhills and Willenhall Circuit although the Sutton Park Circuit and Brimingham circuits have a presence in the Borough as well. There has been a town here since before the days of the Norman conquest, and since medieval times Walsall has been the heart of the English leather trade. Although tanning no longer takes place here we still have a proud tradition of making high class saddles and fancy goods, as well as, like many Black Country towns, still having many small engineering shops and factories.

    The Wednesbury and Walsall area was one of the earliest centres of the Methodist movement; John Wesley came here on a number of occasions, and it was said that there was once ‘a pub in every street and a chapel in every three’. 

    Whilst this is no longer true, a strong Methodist presence remains within the Borough and our churches continue to be committed to the traditional Methodist values of preaching and living out a practical form of Christianity with a strong focus on social concern and care for the communities around our churches.

As well as our churches we are involved in the annual celebration of Wesley Day/Aldersgate Sunday at Fishley Rock (Church) where John Wesley is said to have preached on his way from Walsall to Stafford.